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SCARLET MEN - by male sex workers, for male sex workers

From the Whores Mouth Trade Tips
- From the diary of a male sex worker Follow one workers first week at work.. the trials and tribulations! More...
- TimeShare Joel Ryan is 32 years old and he is also one of Melbourne’s most successful and public male to female workers...More...
- Comments from Male Workers In The Sex Industry The sex industry was an alternative venue for me and a friend to try out the Gay scene and Gay sex. More...
- A Male Sex Workers' View I had my first boyfriend at the age of 17.. but I had known about my sexuality since I was 12...More...
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The sharing of your trade secrets is the perfect way to increase the skills of newer worker... and more experienced workers too!
- Slow business It’s easy to freak out when business slows down and the phone appears to stop ringing. Where are the clients?
- Keeping It Up “How do you keep it up?” If we all had a dollar for every time we were asked this question…
- Kissing To kiss or not to kiss- That is the question!.
- Phone Tips When the phone is the first point of contact your tone is everything, with so much more of our language make up funnelled through our voice.
- Working on the Internet Ah, the private worker’s best friend! It has changed the way we work.
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Client Control Juicy Extra's
Basically everything we can talk about regarding how we conduct our sex work relates back to Safety & Negotiation.
- Oral Sex Spit or swallow, condom or not.. ultimately the question remains- how safe is oral sex?
- Male Rape No one ever deserves to be raped. Male sexual assault is the dark horse of male health issues.
- Sex Work and HIV Increasingly, there are many sex workers living with HIV and working in the sex industry.
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There is very little research on male sex workers, however there are a few key research projects that every male sex worker should know about! Link to research on male sex workers, discussion and links
Movies, books, any way that male sex workers have popped up on your cultural radar, another male sex worker has reviewed it! Maybe you want to write one? Link to reviews of film, books and TV, relating to male sex workers.
Old Media & Archive
Check out past media articles and an old archive on male sex workers. Link to the archive on male sex work
Every topic relating to male sex work has a dozen different opinions. Debates, dramas and diatribes. Link to discussion articles and more...

Scarlet Men Disclaimer, August 2007

The materials archived and showcased on these pages promote important male sex work peer education materials from Australia and the world, written primarily by male sex workers. Amazing, dedicated and skilled male whores have documented thoughts, interactions and knowledge to share with you. Scarlet Alliance does not own the copyright to any of the works contained herein - copyright remains with the original authors. If you are an author wish to update, contribute, edit or remove a piece from this site, please contact Scarlet Alliance at info @ with Scarlet Men in the subject.