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"Comments from Male Workers In The Sex Industry" SIREN, 1993

“The sex industry was an alternative venue for me and a friend to try out the Gay scene and Gay sex.”

“There seems to be this elitism among active male workers – especially Gay males – they have this attitude towards bisexuals that I can’t understand.”

“When I first started, my knowledge of HIV/AIDS was limited.”

“I won’t go with a client if he doesn’t wear a condom.”

“One client gave me the money – I did the work. When he finished he picked up a bit of wood and whacked me around the head with it and took his money back.”

“I personally think that all male sex workers need a support group.”

“Well, the truth of the matter is, I am really a private person at heart and I am not sure I have the courage to declare my vocation publicly.. However, it’s great to know that we in society have some support – even for ‘closets’ like myself. Thanks a lot for the friendship, material and education.”

“My family are fully aware of my involvement in the sex industry as an active male worker.”

“I will only do hand jobs or blow jobs but no anal.”

“I want the good things in life and at the moment I am getting them from my (paying) Trade.”

“I occasionally get a client who doesn’t want to wear a condom. There was one case where I was offered more money if I agreed not to (I was tempted to do it!) – but I thought why should I compromise my health for a few extra bucks – it just ain’t worth it!”

“I don’t associate with anyone else within the industry because I don’t know anyone.”

“NZPC is a friendly environment – comradeship and support.”

“I’m an artist and a prostitute.”

“I don’t believe there was this type of group dealing specifically with male sex workers. I have to admit I was sceptical at first, but I am glad I made the effort.”

“I don’t know why, but in the majority or cases, the reaction from people is one of disdain, disgust, and usually one if instantly looked down on!”

“I think that life is a learning process and to me, nothing is a mistake. In life there is no point in being a victim – you can learn so much in the Industry, and it should have all the support from society as a whole.”

“Practise safer sex – absolutely.”

This article was originally published in “PUMP” Pride and Unity for Male Prostitutes, “SIREN” Sex Industry Rights and Education Network Magazine for Sex Industry Workers, “NZPC” New Zealand Prostitutes Collective, Issue 9, 1993, pg 28

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