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Scarlet Alliance pay our respect to the elders and custodians of this land, we are a proud member of the Anwernekenhe National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander HIV/AIDS Alliance (ANA).

Sex Work Stigma Research Collaboration

Scarlet Alliance is looking for sex workers to be involved in a national quantitative survey about sex work stigma. The survey results will be used to develop stigma reduction interventions.
You can complete the survey by visiting
This survey is the result of a partnership between Scarlet Alliance and the Centre for Social Research in Health at the University of New South Wales. It is part of a broader Stigma Indicators Monitoring Project which explores measures of stigma across a range of priority populations, including sex workers, drug users, people living with HIV and people in prison.
This annual quantitative survey instrument was developed via a consultative process with sex workers around Australia. Existing research conducted showed that sex work stigma was pervasive when sex workers were accessing a range of social goods and services. Sex workers from around Australia then identified new issues affecting sex workers during a workshop at a Scarlet Alliance National Forum in Adelaide November 2016.
These topic areas were then used to develop questions for a qualitative pilot study about sex work stigma. Scarlet Alliance and CSRH conducted national focus groups and interviews with sex workers in each state and territory. You can find some of the results of our qualitative research here.
The findings of this qualitative project were then used to develop this new quantitative instrument that can measure sex work stigma on a larger scale consistently from year to year.

More information can be viewed here:
Community report on the Sex Work, Mental Health and Stigma Paper can be viewed here:

For more information please contact

To participate in the annual sex work stigma survey please visit


In this report the Australian Institute of Criminology, in partnership with Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association, presents one of the first pieces of research specifically conducted on the work and migration experiences of migrant sex workers in Australia. Importantly this is the largest project of migrant sex workers in Australia to date with involvement of migrant sex workers at all levels of the research process - from the design and conception of the research and survey to the reporting and analysis. The report is available to view and download from

The Lancet Edition on Sex Work and HIV

"social, legal, and economic injustices contribute to their high risk of acquiring HIV. Often driven underground by fear, sex workers encounter or face the direct risk of violence and abuse daily. Sex workers remain underserved by the global HIV response. This Series of seven papers aims to investigate the complex issues faced by sex workers worldwide, and calls for the decriminilisation of sex work, in the global effort to tackle the HIV/AIDS epidemic."

Scarlet Alliance article in the AIDS2014 special edition of HIV Australia was launched at the AIDS Conference in Melbourne, July 2014

Janelle Fawkes, Chief Executive Officer reflects on sex work, HIV and the United Nations Political Declaration (UNPD) in the lead up to the 20th International AIDS Conference.

Anna Forbes and Scarlet Alliance Migration Project Manager Jules Kim co authored article on the AIDS 2014 Melbourne Declaration

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"Money Baby" - Sex workers gather in Las Vegas for the 2006 Desiree Alliance Conference. Photo by Melissa Gira Grant


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Chinese Sex Workers In Australia Needs Analysis - 2006 - 2007
or Download "Chinese Sex Workers In Australia Needs Analysis - 2006 - 2007" Colour Poster PDF 3meg

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