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About Us

Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association, through our objectives, policies and programs, works to advance Sex Worker Rights with the achievement of equality and social, legal, political, cultural, health and economic justice for past and present workers in the sex industry to enable sex workers to be self-determining agents, build our own alliances and choose where and how we live and work. The membership as a whole are the highest decision-making body of Scarlet Alliance.

Scarlet Alliance’s purposes are to:

  • advance the health of past and present sex workers
  • promote and protect the human rights of past and present sex workers
  • promote respect for sex workers and end all forms of discrimination against sex workers

Sex workers and our supporters publicly rally calling on South Australia to decriminalise sex work- Kaurna Country/Adelaide, November 2016

What does Scarlet Alliance do?

Scarlet Alliance’s principal activity is health promotion for sex workers by, without limitation:

  • Working to guarantee the right of all sex workers to optimum occupational health and safety, including general health knowledge and safe work practices
  • Actively promoting the right of all sex workers to work in whatever area of their chosen occupation, including street, brothel, escort, private and opportunistic work
  • Enhancing the capacity of sex workers to be politically active, advance their rights, and build networks and organisations
  • Playing an active role in Australia’s response to HIV/AIDS, blood borne viruses and sexually transmitted infections, including peer education and harm reduction strategies for sex workers
  • Disseminating sex industry related information
  • Providing training and education on issues relating to the Australian sex industry and migration of sex workers into Australia
  • Lobbying for supportive legal, policy and administrative frameworks which do not discriminate against sex workers
  • Challenging any government, legislation, regulations, rules, policies, processes or law enforcement practices which are discriminatory, repressive or fail to promote the rights and autonomy of sex workers
  • Eradicating sex worker stereotypes and stigmatisation in the sex work community as well as the broader community
  • Communicating the diversity of ideas, opinions and aspirations of past and present sex workers
  • Collaborating with international and local Sex Worker Rights groups that align with the Aims and Objectives of Scarlet Alliance

2019-2020 Scarlet Alliance Executive Committee

The Scarlet Alliance Annual General Meeting (AGM) occurs once a year and is the most important decision making body of the organisation. At the AGM, the membership of Scarlet Alliance votes to elect a committee to carry out the governance decisions and work of our organisation over the coming year. The Executive Committee are ultimately accountable to the membership and report back to the membership throughout the year, as well as formally at the AGM on key areas of work.

Scarlet Executive Committee is made up of the following positions: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, 2 General Members (and CEO with no voting powers) Non Voting Observers: President Double, Vice President Double, Secretary Double, Treasurer Double, 2 General Member Doubles

2020-2021 Executive Committee:

President: Bec Jones
President Double: Vacant

Vice President: Sienna Charles
Vice President Double: Leanne Melling (Silva)

Secretary: Jenna Love
Secretary Double: Alice Ivory

Treasurer: Tia
Treasurer Double: Vacant

General member 1: Vacant
General Member Double: Vacant

General Member 2: Frankie James
General Member Double: Vacant

The CEO of Scarlet Alliance, Jules Kim, also sits on the executive committee as an ex officio member with no vote.

Spokesperson and Representative Roles:

International Sex Worker Spokesperson: Vacant
International Sex Worker Spokesperson double: Vacant
Male Sex Worker Representative: Vacant
Male Sex Worker Representative double: Vacant
Trans and Gender Diverse Sex Worker Representative: Vacant
Trans and Gender Diverse Sex Worker Representative Double: Vacant

Sex workers, including members of Scarlet Alliance on the stage at the
11th ICAAP (International Congress on AIDS in Asia Pacific) in Bangkok, 2013