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Male Sex Work


Please note!Many of the older discussion articles below are printed or photocopied resources - not digital resources. Lacking electronic copies, we have scanned articles and uploaded them for your enjoyment. However, this means that some of the PDF's are larger than usual - none higher than a meg though. Thanks for your patience!

Scarlet Alliance does not endorse the content of these articles, this is a representation of a range of debates relating to male sex workers.

Scarlet Men Disclaimer, August 2007

The materials archived and showcased on these pages promote important male sex work peer education materials from Australia and the world, written primarily by male sex workers. Amazing, dedicated and skilled male whores have documented thoughts, interactions and knowledge to share with you. Scarlet Alliance does not own the copyright to any of the works contained herein - copyright remains with the original authors. If you are an author wish to update, contribute, edit or remove a piece from this site, please contact Scarlet Alliance at with Scarlet Men in the subject.

Updated 15 October 2007