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Research on Male Workers

Male sex workers: practices, contexts, and vulnerabilities for HIV acquisition and transmission

Dr Stefan David Baral, MDcorrespondenceemail, M Reuel Friedman, PhD, Scott Geibel, PhD, Kevin Rebe, MBChB, Borche Bozhinov, MD, Daouda Diouf, MSc, Keith Sabin, PhD, Claire E Holland, MSPH, Prof Roy Chan, MD, Carlos F Cáceres, MD
The LANCET Special Series on Sex Work and HIV

Review of Male Sex Work & Society

Review by Cameron Cox
"This book misinterprets decriminalisation and its impacts, and ignores almost completely the sex worker rights movement and sex worker organisations, not to mention the perspective of male sex workers in these groups and movements. One can only hope that the editors and a majority of the authors, like us, received free copies of The Lancet’s series on Sex Work and HIV when it was released at AIDS 2014 in July last year, and have now updated their thinking on sex work, male sex work and how sex work research might be better conducted."

Gay and homosexually active Aboriginal men in Sydney

Murray Chapple and Sue Kippax with assistance from Michael Bartos and Juliet Richters
National Centre in HIV Social Research, School of Behavioural Sciences Macquarie University

Updated 20 September 07