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Scarlet Alliance provides training and health promotion workshops to all sectors of the community and the sex industry. Our educators have a higher level of contact with sex workers than any other Government or Non-government Organisation and actively work with the industry to promote high standards of Occupational Health & Safety.

This high level of ongoing contact with sex industry workplaces and sex workers informs our knowledge and current understanding of all issues relating to or affecting the sex industry in all states and territories of Australia. This includes: new worker workshops for sex workers, best practice health promotion strategies, peer education, safe working practises, HIV/AIDS and STI prevention, gender and identity politics, women's rights, trafficking, sex worker mobility and migration, impact of legislation, model sex industry law reform, human rights, sex worker appropriate services from G.P.s, ethical research, sex worker rights, Australian and International sex worker rights movement, the realities & myths of sex work, and the basis of and impact of stigma and discrimination.

Our presenters hold the Diploma of Community Education and there are also 13 Scarlet Alliance Workplace assessors & trainers throughout Australia.

Our member organisations provide education directly to sex workers on outreach, in either place of work or central locations, individually or in small groups. Sex Industry workplaces or individual sex workers may organise training, education or information sessions directly with their sex worker organisation or project in their state. To get in touch with your local sex worker organisation check out these links.

Scarlet Alliance and its member organisations and projects have provided education sessions to a broad range of organisations and institutions including: AMA Australian Medical Association; TAFEs; Baptist & Anglican Churches; high schools; Universities; womens organisation, domestic violence services and more.

Examples of past Scarlet Alliance presentations & trainings:


  • Sex Worker Sensitivity Training with Hope Street Womens' Space Project 2010
  • Presentations at the Political Science conference, University of Queensland, 2010
  • National Center for HIV Social Research annual conference, presentation, 2010
  • Workshops, stalls and a presentation at the "F" Conference in Sydney, 2010
  • Stalls at the Melbourne expo for Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development, 2010


  • Trafficking issues training with Scarlet Alliance membership, December 2009
  • International Conference in AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP) Presentation on HIV Criminalisation in Australia, August 2009
  • Sex worker research training workshop with sex workers from Asia and the Pacific, Bali, August, 2009
  • Anti-Slavery Project Conference, Presentation, 2009
  • Sex worker sensitivity training with Red Cross trafficking support program, 2009
  • Governance and Advocacy training with the incoming board of the new Queensland sex worker organisation March 2009 - July 2009
  • Blow his Mind - sex worker skills and tips, Sydney, Feb 09
  • Governance training and strategic planning workshop with Scarlet Alliance leadership and members

Sex worker representatives from Fiji, Indonesia and Thailand present the Sex Workers Statement - result of a full day workshop at the Bali ICAAP Conference August 2009


  • Money Upfront - negotiating safe sex and money: a intimate look at the need for a state funded sex worker organisation in Tasmania, Hobart, August, 08.
  • HIV positive sex worker needs assessment outcomes, ASHM, Perth, Sept 08
  • HIV prevention strategies within the Australian sex worker populations an overview of successful implementation, International AIDS Conference, Mexico, Aug 08
  • International Harm Reduction Conference, Barcelona, May 08
  • Australian Institute of Criminology Roundtable on Trafficking, June 08
  • Anti Slavery Project Forum, UTS, July, 08
  • HIV poz needs analysis project, AFAO General Meeting, Sydney, 08
  • Capacity Development of sex worker groups in the region, Globali$ed Sex Work 2, Sydney, April, 08
  • 2020 Summit, Canberra, April, 08
  • CALD sex worker services in Australia, Diversity In Health Conference, Sydney, 08


  • Sex Worker Rights, ‘Sex, Diversity and Social Justice’ Social Work Students Conference Day, Cambeltown Tafe, August 07
  • Sex work community based organisations and effective HIV prevention programs for sex workers, Pacific Leadership training, ASHM - ALAF, Sydney July, 07
  • Sex Worker Peer Education, Queensland Sex Worker Services, Quahc, Brisbane, July 07
  • Sex Worker Organising and biomedical prevention technologies, IAS, Sydney, July 07
  • Journalist to Journalist Peer training, National Press Foundation (Washington DC), Sydney, July 07
  • Queer sex workers and history of the sex worker rights movement, Queer Collaborations, Hobart 07 July 07
  • Australian Female Sex Worker Health, Plenary NOWSA Conference, Sydney July 07
  • Feminism and sex work, ARCSHS, Melbourne, June 07
  • Globali$ed Sex Work Forum, Sydney, June 07
  • Historic Sex Work perspectives, $elluloid, International Whores Day, June 07
  • Harm Reduction and sex workers, Plenary at International Harm Reduction Association Conference,, Poland, May 07
  • Chinese Migrant Sex Worker Services, Zi teng Conference, Hong Kong, May 07
  • Symposium panel paper presented as part of the Sex Work Research Panel and an Oral Paper - Safe sex police, public health responses to sex work, 18th World Association of Sexology Congress, Sydney, April 07
  • Ethnic Media, impact on prevention, AFAO General Meeting, Sydney April 07
  • Sex work, Metropolitan COmmunity Church, April 07


  • Sex workers, real needs compared to stereotypes, Advocacy and Representation course, Welfare department, Ultimo TAFE, October 06
  • Issues in HIV Affecting CALD Communities, ASHM Conference, Melbourne, October 06
  • Skills, thrills and spills (oral paper), AWSA, Melbourne, July 06
  • Sex Services Premises Planning Guidelines,(oral paper) Revisioning Prostitution Policy Conference (Las Vegas) July 06
  • Sex worker panel, International Whores Day, Sydney, June 2006
  • Multicultural services in sex worker organisations, (panel) AFAO General meeting, Sydney, May 06
  • Multicultural HIV/AIDS Service, Organisation introduction,
  • Migrant sex workers and the impact of Anti-trafficking legislation, (presentation) Monash University, May 06
  • Stigma and discrimination within the Northern Territory sex industry, (panel) hosted by SWOP NT, Darwin, March 06
  • CALD sex workers, CALD HIV Roundtable, (presentation) Sydney, March 06
  • Providing sexual health services to sex workers, Staff of Sexual Health Services, Darwin, March 06
  • Guest speaker, Crime, Gender Law Sexuality, University of NSW, Feb,2006
  • AFP, Migrant Sex Workers Sensitivity Training, Canberra, Feb 2006


  • Sex worker engagement in Australia, (workshop) HRRS Evaluation Forum, Port Moresby, November 05
  • Open source panel, Scarlet Alliance Website Working Party, Making Links Conference, Sydney November, 05
  • Projects in the Region, AFAO General Meeting, November 05
  • Migratory Sex Workers, SWOP & Scarlet Alliance co-presentation, Anti-trafficking Network, Sydney, October 05
  • Research and Sex workers, Oral Presentation, Auckland, October 05
  • Turning Tricks, poster presentation, Sex worker communicaty Cultural Practice, Auckland, October, 05
  • Scarlet Alliance National Training Project, Poster Presentation, Auckland, October, 05
  • Scarlet Alliance Symposium, Day 3 of National Forum, Melbourne, October 05
  • Pride, sex and diversity, Powerhouse, Brisbane June 05
  • PREP in the Region at the PREP Forum, Dockside Sydney June 05
  • Occupational Health & Safety at Forum XXX in Montreal May 05
  • Decriminalisation – best practice for public health outcomes, City Hall, San Francisco May 05
  • IGCAHRD, Melbourne, April 05
  • Women’s History Month forum, Melbourne. MARCH 05
  • Women’s History Month forum, Brisbane, March 05


  • World AIDS day forum, Darwin, December 04
  • Migrant Sex Worker Issues Presentations, Australian and International Feminisms conference in Sydney, December 04
  • AFAO Web Workers Conference, workshop, Sydney November 04
  • CHA CHA CHA, Women’s Legal Conference, Workshop, Brisbane October 04
  • Cha Cha Cha, Women’s Legal Conference, Sub Plenary, Migrant sex workers and trafficking, Brisbane OCT 04
  • PREP, ASHM Conference, Canberra SEPT 04
  • AFP Training, Canberra AUG 04
  • XV International AIds Conference, Bangkok, July 2004
  • Queer Collaborations, Brisbane, July 2004
  • Human Rights Court, Sydney, June 2004
  • International Whores Day, June 2004
  • University of Queensland, May 2004
  • HHARD, HIV, Hep C & Related Diseases Sydney, May 2004
  • Out in the Sun – Legal Constraints and Possibilities in Protecting the Rights of Sex Workers, University of Hong Kong, May 2, 2004
  • AFAO, Australian Federation of Aids Organisations, Sydney, May 2004
  • WATL, Women and the Law, Brisbane, April 2004
  • International Womens Day, March, 2004
  • Feminista, QUT, Brisbane, February, 2004

For more information email info or one of the Scarlet Alliance member organisations.